hondaDetailing in the 21st century northeastern region of acid rain and other environmental fallout is a whole new ball game. Extra steps are needed to bring out the original lustre the manufacturer intended. Buffalo Auto Auction Recon center is ready to make your investment add up to a huge profit when you sell!

If you are interested in having your vehicleReconditioned please contact our Sales Team at 716-283-7653 ext 238

Reconditioning Services
Serving dealer, fleet/lease, and factory customers.

Complete Detail 165.00
Interior cleaned and dressed; Engine high pressure wash, degrease, and dress; Exterior wash, windows, high speed buff and wax,, tires dressed and wells blackened

Partial Detail 135.00
Full exterior prep, high speed buff and wax, tires and vinyl tops dressed, interior vacuum, wells blackened

Wash and Vac- Included in your Run Fee
Hand wash and interior vacuum

Hand Wash/Sale Day Wash N/A